Celtic Symbols – The Celtic Tree of Life

Necklace and Bracelet

Like many people, I’ve always had a love of all things Celtic and especially The Celtic Tree of Life.  The Celtic Knot is also fascinating, as are all the Celtic Symbols .   In the past, as a knitwear designer, the majority of my designs were inspired by Celtic designs, particularly from The Book of Kells.  Those garments were exported worldwide and sold in top London stores.  Now however, I’ve decided to put Celtic designs into other products, starting with the Celtic necklace and bracelet, as shown in the image below.

To view them more closely, click the links below and if you would like to own one for yourself or to give as a gift, do help yourself. 🙂

Also, I am offering a service in that if you would like your own family Tree of Life necklace with your family name on, as shown in the picture on the right, please leave me a message with your contact details below.

I’d love some feedback on what you think of them too.



If you would like the Tree of Life necklace without your family name, click the image to be taken directly to the website. 

The following video gives a glimpse of how I created the Tree of Life Necklace.

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and there’s a matching bracelet!


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To learn more about The Book of Kells, you can visit the following page:  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Book_of_Kells

My history with the Book of Kells:

Firstly my father was an artist, SLADE trained and he exhibited his art at Trinity College Dublin, where the Book of Kells is housed.

Many years later, when I was wondering in which direction I wanted to go in the fashion industry, I was sent a postcard from Ireland and on it was an image of a design taken from the Book of Kells.  This beautiful postcard, of which I still have in one of my sentimental boxes ( smiley)  inspired me to translate the designs into knitwear.  Thankfully the hard work I put into creating the garments was rewarded by my seeing many people wearing the sweaters.

My mother also had a knitwear business when we were children and later in life, a very talented needlewoman, embroidered Albs for young priests in her parish.

I’m looking forward to creating more designs with Celtic symbols and seeing where this journey takes me.  It’s wonderful to be able to spend the time doing something you love.  The Celtic designs and, of course, the Skellee Superheroes. 🙂

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