Football Games with Football Quiz Book

Secret Football Games with Football Quiz is my latest book and is now available on the Kindle platform, at this time of writing. Soon I shall put it onto the other digital platforms and will update this post when it has been done.

Although the Skellee short stories for children has been my first venture into writing for children, this latest book was inspired firstly by one of my readers of the Skellee series. He asked his mother to find out if I would write for older children, so with that seed planted and a subsequent conversation between a young boy and his father, which I happened to overhear, this book, ‘Football Games with Football Quiz’ materialized.

The book has received some excellent reviews from readers. Believe me, I was pleasantly surprised for the following reason …

When I had finished the book and the cover was created with the title, there was a conversation in one of the groups I frequent, stating that the term ‘football games’ was not such a good idea and that the term should have been ‘soccer games’ instead. Apparently the term I had chosen may effect my rankings and result in loss of sales of the book.

I went through a daunting time, wondering whether to change the cover and title or not. In the end, I decided to keep the term football games as the boy in the story never once referred to the game as soccer because of where he lived in the world.

Previous to this I had created a YouTube promotional video on Football Games and Football Quiz as well.

The only way I felt I had to overcome this quandary, was to insert a sentence immediately into the first section of the book, which was the Introduction, explaining the terminology difference and the fact that it had no bearing on the story.

The fact that I added a football quiz to the end of the story was greeted very positively in the reviews. Some mentioned that it would be a great teaching aid for parents to help their children with their comprehension. As I had previously spoken to a young mother whose child needed to expand on this skill in his English lessons, I really appreciated that the comprehension point was highlighted in the reviews.

Football Games with Football Quiz – Brief

Within the story, there are examples of compassion, determination, tenacity, and loving care, as well as lists of the football drills and skills. Added to that is a ‘special award’ in the quiz section. In fact, the book has everything you would have pleasure in reading about. It is aimed for the child from the age of six up to ninety nine plus. It is not until you read the story that you will understand why I mentioned such an age variation and it fact reviewers have mentioned that “This book stretches across the generation divide … ”

You can click the link here to got to the Football Games with FootBall Quiz Amazon Kindle eBook.